Next Generation Clubs are student initiated, moral and character development clubs.  Next Generation equips mentors from the community to effectively build up students through ongoing relationships that are established on Junior and Senior high school campuses.  In these large group discussions, students learn about a variety of relevant issues which encourage growth in their social emotional well-being, while putting an emphasis on the whole person.  These clubs provide a safe place on campus for students to receive help with real-life issues and discuss topics with mentors.

The Next Gen Story

Next Generation began in 1993 when Steve Robinson started meeting with students at East Jefferson High School during the lunch hour. By the fall of 1994, this “lunch club” took place in three other Jefferson Parish high schools. During the 1994-95 school year, there was a tremendous growth in the number of students participating, with over 200 teenagers weekly attending the clubs.

In the 1995-96 school year, a fourth club was added and Next Generation officially became a non-profit organization. From 1996-98 Next Generation Ministries, Inc. continued their expansion to include eight Jefferson Parish Schools. For the next few years, the Director, Jason Robinson, continued to grow the clubs with mentors from surrounding communities.

In 2002 Benjamin Comer was appointed as the Executive Director, taking Next Generation to the next level. He served Next Generation for 12 years, expanding their reach beyond local schools to eight parishes in Louisiana and two counties in Mississippi.

In 2014, Next Generation announced Cynthia Sellers as the Executive Director, utilizing her seven previous years of experience with the organization.  As Next Generation’s influence continues to expand beyond 50 schools, 4,000 Club Members, and multiple states across the nation, the mission is still the driving force behind all Next Generation does:

Change the Campus, Change the Culture.

The Next Gen Board

Gary Borgstede


David Mahoney


Edwin “ED” White


Philip Nicaud


The Next Generation Staff

This is an image of Cynthia Sellers.

Cynthia Sellers

Executive Director

This is an image of David Blackwell.

David Blackwell

Program Coordinator

This is an image of Lizzie Jones.

Lizzie Jones

Media Coordinator

This is an image of Jacquelyn Achord.

Jacquelyn Achord

Administrative Assistant

This is an image of Ty Clark.

Ty Clark

New Orleans Regional Coordinator